Marc Livingood

Marc Livingood - ENTERTAINER


Born to a single mother in Hollywood California with no siblings Marc Livingood studied music from the great Vernon Clifford Brown. At age 18 he traveled the world with a Grammy winning band “A taste of honey” famous for a number one song in the world “Boogie Oggie Oggie”as a guitarist and vocalist.

He fronted the “Box tops” who were famous for hits such as “Whiter shade of pale” and “The Letter”

He had his own band “LIVINGOD” and performed at the “Whiskey” “Roxy” and Troubadour along with other Hollywood Hot spots.

He has performed abroad in Korea, Japan, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, Canada and all over the Caribbean.

Marc Livingood has performed 9 contracts as a cruise ship entertainer for the three top cruise lines Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.

Marc Livingood has worked as an actor and starred in Commercials and Films and was a guest star on “My crazy roommate” as “Rudolpho” The super of the building.

He is currently a member of “Tim and Eric’s band called “Pusswhip banggang” and has done national tours and large festivals.

He created and produced the video for Tim and Eric called “Jambalaya” and ALSO CREATED THE "TRIANGLE" VIDEO WRITTEN AND PRODUCED by Marc Livingood about the friendship he has with “Tim and Eric”

Marc Livingood is a top notch actor who can do dramatic characters as well as comedic ones. He is a master Guitarist, Bassist, Singer and songwriter.